Thursday, July 30, 2009

SR Systems - Guan Dao

Hello again dear readers,

Today, I present to you the weapon of one of china's greatest warriors. To many this man is a god that epitomizes loyalty and righteousness. He is General Guan Yu, and SR systems is proud to present his weapon, the Guan Dao.

The Guan Dao is made of a large blade at the end of a staff, similar to a Glaive or Japanese Naginata. However, the blade of the Guan Dao is significantly heavier than that of a European Glaive or Naginata. The opposite end of the weapon is composed of a spear tip for stabbing. The weapon is wielded like a combination of the spear and sword.

This particular design pays tribute to the great general with a symbolic lion and dragon facing the moon design.

On a technical note, it works with DCS, CCS and WARPs (soon to be XRPS i believe) combat systems. Like the Shaolin Hook Swords and Tiger-Dragon Katana, it has 4 modes of operation and a power attack. I refer you to the Hook Swords post in July 2009 for more details on the operation modes.

To purchase the weapon, visit the inworld store, or follow the link to xstreetsl

SR Systems Guan Dao

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