Friday, November 13, 2009

SR Systems - 5 Animals Kung Fu Fighter

Hello readers, it has been a fairly long time since I last posted. Today I will talk about one of my favorite creations to date. This is, as far as I know, the first of its kind in Second Life. I present you the 5 animals kung fu fighter.

This is a step on the original kung fu fighter - the first item i created for sale. However, rather using basic fundamental techniques, this weapon utilizes the more advanced animal techniques. Animal styles are a trademark of most kung fu styles. While any kung fu student starts off by learning the basic fighting methods highlighted in the basic kung fu fighter, their empty hand techniques will become deadly when they employ the animal styles.

Kung fu is such a broad term, encompassing literally thousands of styles, that there are just as many animal techniques. This weapon is based on Hung Ga Kung Fu - the basis of Jow Ga Kung Fu, which i study in RL. The 5 animals represented in this weapon are Dragon, Crane, Snake, Leopard and Tiger. I will briefly explain the features of each one.

1) Dragon : This is a broad attacking style. The hands and finger form a dragon's jaw, and attacks come from out wide. The dragon's strength is in wide motions and strong strikes.

2) Crane : The crane is an elegant bird, with quick attacks. The hands and fingers form beaks, that attack sensitive soft spots on your opponent. However, a crane also spreads its wings and flies high and far - kicking techniques. The Crane's strength comes from its deceptive elegance.

3) Snake : One of the most popular styles, especially in movies. The hands form a snake head/spear shape, and also attacks the soft pressure points of your opponents. Strikes are sudden and quick, unexpected just as a real snake would. The snake's strength is surprise.

4) Leopard : The leopard uses paws, which are formed by bending the fingers back, but not into a fist. Like the snake and crane, these paws are used to attack the sensitive, soft joints of your enemy. The leopard's strengths are in its sneaking attacks (stronger strikes however, than snakes).

5) Tiger : Last but not least is the hard style of the tiger. The tiger style is aggressive and aim to inflict maximum damage with every strike, just like the dragon. The tiger's hand strikes utilize the tiger claw form, and it's strengths lie in aggression and powerful strikes.

As all my creations, it works with the usual meters, and I refer you to the July 2009 post on Shaolin Hook swords for technical details. Visit us inworld, or follow the link below to buy it on xstreetsl. As always, I leave you with a video demonstrating the animations

SR Systems - 5 Animals Fighter