Monday, June 29, 2009

SR Systems Double Broadswords

Hello again, and a big thank you as always for reading this blog. Today I update it with the follow up to my broadsword - the double broadswords! This is a dual set, and is appropriately animated. I like to think of the animation I created for it as a combination of the short range broadsword, and the very short range double daggers. In usual SR Systems fashion, i've done my best to keep them realistic, but ofcourse, fun! The philosophy of the blades is identical to the single broadsword. This double set, in RL, is a trademark of the Jow Ga Kung Fu System. Hope you enjoy these!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

SR Systems Double Daggers

Hello dear readers
I must first take this opportunity to apologize for the delay in posting this, but sometimes real life takes you by surprise. Rest assured, I have made new items that are in my store, and would love to make posts for each of the new items with videos.

And so I shall begin with the "Mizu" Kung Fu Double Daggers. Who said that only long range weapons can cause damage? The double daggers illustrate that with speed and agility, one can easily get close and make the kill, before their opponent can finish swinging their spear. Infact, the spear tip may not even reach them!

Note, however, that speed and agility are key. When training with the daggers, I've noticed the senior students in my RL kung fu classes use a lot of aerial techniques, as well as "light footed techniques". You are not aiming to decapitate your enemy in one blow - to do so with small blades like the daggers would take too much effort. Instead, you close the gap, and get inside your opponent's "open zone". In this region, his weapon becomes too long to cause damage. Imagine your enemy holding a staff at its end. To inflict maximum damage, he needs to hit you with the opposite end, not the middle or grip end (torque = force times distance for the physics nerds like me). Once you're inside his open zone, you can deliver multiple stabs and slashes. In a few short moments, the bleeding in multiple places will cause a pressure drop and loss in consciousness, before death kicks in.

The double daggers designed for second life illustrate the same principles. Hence you will notice the animations use flips, spins and kicks. And just like real kung fu daggers, the tassels not only add beauty and grace, but also distraction to the enemy's eyes. The weapon like all others also comes with a push version to send them flying. As always, I leave you with videos illustrating the product. Enjoy!

Double Daggers